Marilyn Joslin Sklar

Personal Interests
(Things I Can Do Well and Things I Can Not Do Well)

When I have free time, which is rare these days, I indulge in some hobbies.  Some of them I can do well, or competently, like taking a decent photograph or hand sewing a cloth doll. When I do snap a few photos, my subjects seem to be animals, plants, landscapes, and historic sites. My children are favorite subjects, too. My other hobbies are hiking, cycling, reading, and writing. I seek solace in the mountains and canyons of Arizona, then later I enjoy a good piece of fiction by writers like Stieg Larsson, Linda Olsson, Sherman Alexie, Peter Hoeg, Rudolfo Anaya, and Willa Cather. 

Where am I incompetent? Recently, I have admitted to myself that there are many things I can not do well, and that is okay. I can not braid hair or make a bun. Yes, I am hair-challenged. I can not sew on a sewing machine, so most of my sewing is done by hand. I am alright with that because I am learning more about embroidery. I am no chef, but I am a fair cook and a grand baker. I make a mean chocolate chip cookie! Finally, I can not carry a tune, but I can play the flute. I was a flutist in the university marching band, concert band, and orchestra, and I have marched in adult marching bands in both Atlanta and Phoenix. 

Photos: Olla maiden dancer at the Museum of Northern Arizona's Zuni Festival  in Flagstaff, Arizona, and fiddleheads in bloom near Cave Creek Museum in Cave Creek, Arizona.