Marilyn Joslin Sklar

London Seminar


This blog is another class assignment for "Creating Online Learning Environments". And, it came at a perfect time! I am off to attend the London Seminar for the Johns Hopkins University MA Museum Studies program. You are invited to follow me each day as I learn and play. I have a few days to be a tourist, then I must be the student. This will be my third time in London. I visited in the late 1980s as a young single person, then again in 2003 with my husband and two young children. During this trip, I will be solo...but staying with colleagues at the University of Westminster. My hopes are to enjoy England, to relish a bit of "me" time, to make new friends, and to absorb some new knowledge. 

I depart this afternoon from Phoenix and arrive in London Thursday at noon. Just finishing up some class readings before completing my packing. Travel should be good. Only major storm system in the Midwest, and the rest of the East and Atlantic look mostly clear. A bit of rain in London today. Well, I must finish some readings, hit the treadmill, get my daughter ready for camp, and run a few errands before leaving. I'll "see" you in London. 

(Response to comments: I have yet to figure out how to respond to comments. So, I will respond with the associated posting. 

To Tom Walsh: Hi, Tom! Yes, I'm not accustom to the humidity anymore. I've lived in the southern/southwestern part of the United States for most of my adult life. The past ten years have been in Phoenix, where it is a dry heat. And, in Phoenix, it gets clammy with about 15% humidity. I was sweating quite a bit here yesterday. Humidity today here is forecast to be 34%, 47% Saturday. I'll try to wear cooler clothes today. 
Tom Walsh
7/8/2010 02:23:21 am

I hear it is humid in London. Not quite used to that anymore, I bet. Just like the east coast of the States these days.

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