Marilyn Joslin Sklar


I stumbled into museum education after two other enjoyable careers. I worked in local and national news for ten years. The majority of that time I spent as a producer/supervising producer at CNN International and CNN Headline News (now known as CNNI and HLN). You can see me on the left here in a New Year's Eve credit roll done by then Headline News editor/photographer, and my friend, Rich Pasenow. I left Headline News after marrying my husband, Marc, and moved to Washington, DC. While living there, I went back to school to take classes in anthropology and archaeology and to pursue my lifetime passion--and second career-- of archaeology. I worked with the National Park Service as a cataloger and learned an incredible amount about archaeology of the region while doing excavations and surveys in Annapolis, Maryland, and Washington, DC. I continued my archaeology studies in graduate school at Northern Arizona University. Commuting between Flagstaff and Phoenix became expensive, so I earned my gas money while working as the public relations coordinator with the Deer Valley Rock Art Center, an anthropology museum in northern Phoenix. Before I knew it, I was the Center's assistant director. My favorite part of that position was working with volunteers and developing educational programs. I am still quite proud that the  preschool literacy program I developed and launched is still going strong. I left the Center to spend more time with my young children. Later, I re-entered the museum field in a contract educator position with Cave Creek Museum, where I am today. In May of 2011, I am happy to report that I will be a graduate with an MA in museum studies from Johns Hopkins University.